Tired of reading boring books?

The students of 10a have summarized and reviewed their recently read books for you. From non-fiction about artificial intelligence to touching teenage romances, you will find a lot of inspiration for the perfect holiday read.

Click on the short reviews to read the detailed versions.


Do you know Artemis Fowl?  It’s a great book about a genius boy who wants to extort fairies.

„Vikings“ is a cool book about a boy who gets thrown back in time by a Nordic god to find his parents. It plays in the past.

The book “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief“ is about a boy who finds out that everything of the Greek mythology is true and he is a part of it. I can only recommend it!

The book “Sturmtochter“ is about a 17-year-old girl who lost her mum. Now she lives with her father and got the power to control water, but she doesn´t know why. In the book Ava wants to find out why she got the magic.

Science Fiction:

“Boy in a dead end” is about a handicapped teenager named Manuel with just a few months to live. Can a computer simulation of his brain help?

The book ”Flawed” is about a girl who lives in a society, in which you get branded for any mistake you make.

Special: Blueprint

“Blueprint” is a dramatic novel about a composer who clones herself to save her talent. The book plays in the present time and has a lot of surprises.

Have you ever wondered how clones and their parents might feel in our big and developed world?

Hey, folks I just read this readable dystopia called ”Blueprint“. It´s about a clone mother and daughter and their problems with each other.

Blueprint a thought provoking story, told by the first human clone, speaking about her life and the cruelty of not having an own identity.


Artificial intelligence: An extremely informative book, it tells a very slow-moving story. You can´t compare it with those super gripping thrillers. It is also the opposite thing of a heart-warming novel! It is just a very hart-understanding book!

Shore Stein Papier: The real story of a misunderstood teenager


The novel “Paper Towns“, by John Green is about Margo, escaping from her hometown, which she feels to be superficial. Quentin, her secret admirer goes on a trip with her best friends to find her.

The fiction „Lemon Summer“ is about two teenagers having a one-night-stand which turns into a love story. But loving is hard when its forbidden.

If you ever want a love story to curl up in front of a fire with: it´s “Elenor&Park“! Grab your tea and let´s get this read!

Historical Novel:

A story of family, growing up and female strength, “Little Women“ has been loved by readers for generations.

“When Hitler stole the pink rabbit“ is a heart-warming novel about a girl who has to live as a refugee and struggles with her new life during the Second World War.