A morning at the theatre: The Tortilla Curtain

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 13.25.38-1The 12th graders of the English Advanced Course (LK) started the second semester with a theater outing. On January 24, 2020 we went to see The Tortilla Curtain, a play adapted from T.C. Boyle’s novel on the US-Mexico border and performed in English by the Platypus Theater Troupe.

Here are a few of our impressions:

„We enjoyed the simple set design and the inclusion of live music, however the acting was less-than-nuanced and the characters were only roughly developed.“
Eva, Joni, Vicky, Luisa (12 Eng/LK)

„Even though the storyline was catchy and the topic interesting, the execution was questionable. The ending was especially baffling because it felt rushed and confused.“
Victoria, Tom, Niklas (12 Eng/LK)

„The stage design was effective and versatile. We also appreciated when the acting was moved out into the audience because we felt included in the play. However, as a book adaptation, the play was not fully successful and we were constantly under the impression that something was missing or incomplete.“
Jannice, Philipp, Philip (12 Eng/LK)

„The coyote in the background was a minimalistic and clever touch and some of the actors were really good. Unfortunately the plot was not as convincing as we hoped and we suggest diving more deeply into the problems that Mexican immigrants are currently facing in the US, in order to make the play feel more timely.“
Chiara (12 Eng/LK)

„A nice stylistic detail were the parts in which the actors did not actually “act” but told the audience what would happen next. Sadly the experience gap between the actors was just too obvious and, in addition to a script which was lacking in many ways, it made the play hard to enjoy.“
Elias (12 Eng/LK)