7a at Platypus Theatre

Class 7a went to an English-speaking theatre play at Platypus Theatre. Read their reviews and find out if they liked and recommended it.



We watched the play “See you later Navigator“ at the BKA thaetre. We watched the play because it was a school trip. The play is about two kids that have to go around London anwering questions and if they manage to anwser them all they get 20,000 pounds.
The story was exciting because you never knew what would happen so it stayed unexpected until the end – in the end Tom and Maddy eventually kissed!
I liked the characters because they acted very realistic and they both had their traits which made them unique. My favourite character was Tom because he often did funny things like walking past people when he was trying to find them.
I would recommend the play “See you later Navigator“ because lots of interesting things happen and you don’t get bored. Also you can learn about London because they mention facts about the city.

On 19 November 2021, the class 7a watched “See you later Navigator” at the BKA theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We’ve watched it because our teacher Ms. Dlubek bought tickets. The play was written by Peter Scollin in 2008 and produced by Anja Scollin. The play was about two teenagers who played the game “See you later Navigator”. Their mission is to answer questions about places in London on their “q Box”. If they got a question right, they got points. However, they need to be aware of the „blockers”. The blockers try to fool them and take more time away from their play time.
I would recommend this play to pre-teens and teens because it was a funny play and it also helps you to learn the different sights of London.
It was an interesting and funny play.

Mia and Pia:
We watched the play on Friday 19 November at the BKA theatre.
The play is about two teenagers going on a scavenger hunt in London and answering questions about London to earn points and win 20,000 pounds. Then there is Doctor Quant, the sponsor of the show and brain scientist, who cheats and that messes everything up. The play was written by Peter Scollin in 2009.
I would recommend the play, because it is an exciting story about a scavenger hunt and the light and the music was very good.