Our trip to the courthouse

On Monday the 27th of march our class went on a trip to the courthouse in Moabit with Mr. McPhee, Mr. Schikora and Mrs. Bauer. WE met in front of the courthouse at 7:45 am. As we went in our bags had to be checked for dangerous objects and we had to give our phones to the teacher because we couldn’t take phones into court. We also couldn’t take metal water bottles into court.

We were allowed to sit in a court case about a woman who was accused because she stole a juice and entered a shop despite being banned from the shop. But unfortunately, the two witnesses came to late. One was no longer needed and the other one arrived after the court proceedings had already ended. At the end we got to ask the judge a few questions.

Outside the courthouse we got our phones back and the ones with the metal water bottles got they’re bottles back. Then we went to school by Bus