Class 7a’s first class trip

Class 7a went on their first class trip ever (06 Sept until 10 Sept 2021) and here you can find three different reports about their one-week trip to Prebelow near Rheinsberg.


Our first class trip (Max)

On Monday morning our class and the supervisors Nikolas and Jonas met at Südkreuz station for the class trip. I was really excited! Then we went by train for three hours to the youth hostel in Prebelow. There we first went to the rooms. It’s a beautiful hostel! When we all made the beds, we ate a lot of sweets and went swimming in the lake. That was cool. Later we went hiking and we ate brownies because it was Pia’s birthday.

I have forgotten most things about the next day but I remember that we worked with clay and made a very nice bat tour. It was really interesting and funny.

On Wednesday we went to a town near Prebelow called Rheinsberg. There we went to the castle and discovered all the different rooms with an audio guide. Afterwards we had some free time in the small town, to buy snacks and sweets. In the evening we made a barbecue and played “Werewolf” and ate marshmallows by the fireplace.

On Thursday we made the birthday calendar and the class prayer book. In addition we were swimming again and some of us swam a very long distance. Later we played real-life Cluedo, which Jonas and Nikolas created, and in the evening we had a disco.

I don’t know which my favourite day or my favourite activity was because there were so many nice things that happened.

Sadly, we had to go back to Berlin on Friday. I think our class has already become a better community and I also have learned a lot of things about my classmates.

That was our famous class trip.


Our first class trip ever (Emil)

On the first day we drove to Rheinsberg by suburban trains and with changes to bus and train. Once we reached the youth hostel in Prebelow, we got to go in our rooms. There were five children in my room: Max, Maximiliano, Henry, Kassian and me. In the afternoon we went hiking in the forest and saw some big mushrooms! Max took lots of photos but I couldn’t as I didn’t have a camera. Back at the youth hostel there were spiders everywhere!

On the second day we played some rope games, made pottery and in the evening we went on a bat tour. I had glowsticks with me and it was fun!

On the third day we went to the town Rheinsberg by bus to visit the castle. I think castles are boring. Later that day we bought lots of crisps. I had a sore throat and couldn’t speak but it got better in the afternoon. In the evening we made a campfire and ate lots of marshmallows.

On the fourth day we played real-life Cluedo with Nikolas, Jonas, Ms Dlubek and Ms Bellanco – I loved it! I want to do that on my birthday.

On the last day we went back to Berlin by train at 11 o’clock and it took us three hours to get there. Back in Berlin I ate at Burger King’s with my parents.


The crazy class trip (Weronika)

 On our first day, Monday, we met at Südkreuz. We had to change trains four times to arrive at the youth hostel as the trains drivers were on strike. First we unpacked our suitcases and made our beds. We ate until the next day.

On Tuesday we woke up early and waited for breakfast to start at the canteen. Then we walked to the lake and swam in the water. Until nighttime we played together and talked to each other. In the evening we had a bat tour.

On the next day, Wednesday, the morning began like Tuesday morning. After breakfast though we went to a castle in Rheinsberg. After the audio tour and a walk in the park we went food shopping to Edeka where we bought many sweets. In the evening we had a barbecue and a campfire. This is my best memory because all the sweets were very yummy and because it was really enjoyable. We even sang songs together with Pia playing the guitar!

Thursday was maybe the last full day of our trip but it was the best. Firstly because we played Cluedo in real life and secondly because we had a party where we really went crazy. My highlight was the party – of course everything else was nice too – but that was a blast! We did the best dance moves.

On Friday we woke up and packed our suitcases. We had breakfast and went to the bus station. Once we arrived at Südkreuz station, we saw our parents and said goodbye.

The event I liked best were the games because they were very creative and funny. The only negative point was that there were spiders in our room. What has changed is that we have grown closer together.